Breakfast happens to be the most important meal of the day. Although most of us are not a big fan of breakfast and readily skip it which is not so good considering the disadvantages attached to it. I love breakfast and the only thing that can get me out of bed in the morning is a good breakfast cos It’s where you get your energy for the day so you can function properly and be happy and healthy human being.

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Many people prefer different food during breakfast. Maybe plantain and egg for people who like their breakfast a little bit fancy or leftover food from the day before for someone who’s lazy to cook in the morning. Whether it’s a full breakfast or frozen food from last night, there will always be those foods everyone has to eat for breakfast once in a while.
Although Nigeria happen to have the best type of breakfast ? Call it patriotism i don’t mind?. Here are 9 breakfasts that you’ll never get tired of eating and it will give you the burst of energy you will need for the day;


Cereals are everything. It is light and you wont feel too heavy while going about your activities They can literally be breakfast, lunch and dinner. One good thing about cereals is that there are a bunch to choose from. There are healthy cereals, chocolate cereals and all. You can even mix them up to see what the combinations taste like. Another good thing is that cereals are a healthy breakfast. The combination of cereals and milk is just so yummy. NB:Cornflakes is my best type of cereal reason why i used the picture but there are a lotta types of cereals.


Who doesn’t like plantain and eggs? I mean who doesn’t??? i can actually be bought over by this food ?? Did i just let myself out??Ok This typical breakfast has probably been served in every household. The interesting part of this food is that it comes in types; the plantain can be fried or boiled tho i prefer the fried one  and trust me you wanna include this food in your breakfast list❤


Butter on toast, French toast, toast with sardine and egg; toast can literally be eaten with anything or just by itself. Toast is one of those  eat-as-you-go breakfasts. You just pop a pair in the toaster for a few minutes then, before you say jack ….its ready  and you can grab em and go


This breakfast is usually for those who are on a diet but its not necessarily restricted to them as this food has a lot of health benefits. Maybe after you’ve had your morning run, you can grab a cup of yogurt or mix a bowl of fruits. This breakfast is refreshing, healthy and delicious at the same time. Although It may be a light breakfast, but the health benefits are sure worth it.


Nothing says “good morning” like a warm bowl of oatmeal. The creaminess and heat of the oatmeal just warms my insides when getting a bite. You can pair oatmeal up with fruits, nuts or yogurt. Oatmeal is a healthy breakfast and it is a great source of calcium. I enjoy my oatmeal with groundnut and lots of milk? call me weird but trust me its yummy??


This breakfast can never go wrong! Never i say but this breakfast is best taken on a weekend cos it can make you a lil bit drowsy and i personally dont want you sleeping on the job?


(Boiled or fried yam and egg sauce)
This  is a usual suspect on the tables of Nigerians, its just kinda constant.


There are 2 types of people in the morning: the eaters and the drinkers. The eaters eat typical breakfast food and go on with their lives, while drinkers like to take their time, enjoying a moment to themselves, sipping on their cups or mugs. These breakfast drinks usually include coffee, hot cocoa, smoothies and tea. Coffee is usually for the people who are on-the-go and need their daily boost.

So lovers , don’t you dare start your day without having your breakfast because trust me it will help your productivity and you’ll be a step farther from you
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